Motivational Speech

Persuasive Speech Outline Format - Creating The Perfect Speech

When you watch a speech, what are the hallmarks you pay attention to to determine if the speaker is organized and knows the material vs. just reading a speech created by another party?

Did you know that even a speech is designed around a format much like the table of contents for a book?

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Persuasive speech outline formats have been hammered out by many a speech writer and feedback from many speech givers (not the same as the writer) on how an effective speech is written and then spoken to your peers.

When creating a speech you first need to know everything about what your discussing. The more you know about it the more confident you will feel when giving the speech. People can tell if your dictating or actually know what your talking about. It goes over much better when they feel your confident and qualified to give the speech your giving.

Setting up the speech should be done in an outline format first. Covering the areas you want to discuss in detail. You should first create an outline of the speech topics involved and create a hierarchy to put them in.

Once you have your outline you can start researching the various pieces. You want to be well versed in your topic and be prepared after your speech for people to start asking you questions. The better prepared you are to answer those questions the better you will feel overall while giving the speech.

Nothing is more rewarding than having a bunch of questions come out of left field and your being able to confidently, succinctly, and in a way that the person asking the question understands your answer.

The parts of your speech should be:
The introduction is your chance to introduce yourself, your speech, your topic, and to build rapport with the crowd. The introduction should be short and to the point, include possibly some jokes or mood lifting phrases that intrigue the audience. In your intro your going to lay the foundation for what your going to talk about. It's important to do this as people tend to put your speech into folders in their mind based on the layout you create in your introduction.

The body of your speech is going to be where you take generalizations and evolve them into ideas, facts, and explanations of your topic. The body is the meat and potatoes of your speech so make sure you write this well, and make plenty of drafts. You also will want to have several people you trust take a look at it.

We often miss mistakes that are habitual for whatever reason. By letting others help you with the speech body or at least reading it before you give the speech itself, you can eliminate embarrassing mistakes that might occur. You want to do this especially with your jokes, if any, to make sure your sense of humor will go over well with the crowd!

The conclusion is the wrap up- the overview at the end of what you talked about. You spend this time going back over the most important points in the speech and this will also give your audience an opportunity to replenish their memories of the questions they want to ask. Which takes us to the last part of the speech.

Q and A Period:
The question answer part of your speech is often the easiest if you've done your homework and really dug into what your talking about. If your not prepared this will be the nightmare part of your speech. Questions can also open up new ideas to discuss and go over that weren't in your speech. This can also be a great way to elicit more topics for your next speech!

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