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Persuasive Speech On Texting While Driving Can Save Lives And Open Students Eyes

Texting while driving is so dangerous there have been some powerful public service announcements in the form of video shorts with impactful imagery that really makes you stop and think about just how bad it is to do this.

What many teenagers don't realize is that texting, even if you only look down for a second, distracts you.

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Your in a car moving up to 80 miles an hour. Texting at this speed, or even at speeds as low as 20 miles per hour can be fatal because it only takes a second at these speeds to miss seeing that someone is crossing the street or that a car is about to cut you off thinking you'll hit the breaks.

One of the things that many are trying are talking to students at their schools. Persuasive speech on texting while driving has had a nice impact on people's perceptions.

What really blows people away is when someone who has been the victim of texting while driving and being permanently disabled from the accident they caused.

Coming into the school in a wheel-chair and only being able to move the eyes and using a computerized vocal synthesizer based on eye movements to create sentences, a student, giving a speach about the danger of texting while driving, has a major impact.

And this luckily affects students to the degree where they are not telling their friends they won't get into the car with them if they don't put the cell phone down, or taking it away from them like taking a drunk's keys from them so they can't drive home.

What's even more impactful is that same student in the wheelchair giving this speech with home videos and images of the student before he made the mistake of trying to text and drive at the same time resulting in running a red light and T-Boning another car at 50 miles per hour and forever being one step from being a vegetable.

This kind of thing really makes kids think about their choices. Often the reason they ignore what we tell them about how dangerous this is is based on their not believing it could happen to them - but when they see a student, even someone they didn't know, whose been adversely affected by one mistake, has to live the rest of his life without really getting to live his life.

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