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How Does The Persuasive Speech On Drunk Driving Hit You?

The drunk driving epidemic is upon us and more than ever cops are breaking down on the drinking and driving problem in many local and national ways. At the local law enforcement level the police are starting to run sobriety checks at key points where people are leaving bars or driving around drunk. This cuts down the bulk of it locally and scares the rest into not taking the chance.

One of the more effective and intriguing models of affecting change is advertizing. Through television commercials, flyers on the billboards of major colleges, passed out in classrooms, and various billboards the message is getting out.

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More effective lately is having a persuasive speach on drunk driving given by the mothers who've suffered the loss of their children or a loved one due to driving and drinking and getting in a horrific accident.

Other persuasive speeches on drunk driving include those who've been arrested, who've hurt others due to their irresponsible acts of consuming alcohol then getting behind the wheel of an automobile.

By hearing from the various mothers against drunk drivers, those who've suffered a loss, or those who've caused others pain and are spending their lives giving these speeches at schools to share their story and scare out youth into not doing something stupid and life threatening as this.

Lately a super impactful form of persuasive speeches on drunk driving are being sent over the air waves (TV) but more impactfully over YouTube with public service announcements that are cloaked as short and drastic films that really send the right message.

Many of the television commercials covering things like friends driving crazy and not paying attention, then someone in the back seat sitting there quietly without saying anything at first were not incredibly impactful, even being taken as a joke by many.

Over time, as people find themselves in a car with someone whose been drinking (and they don't realize this as they may have been picked up and realized it after buckling up), they are starting to get the message and are speaking up to let them out of the car - because anywhere is safer than being in a car driven by a drunk and often hostile person.

The best thing to do is to get out of the car and call the police. You may just be saving your friend's, or friend of a friend's lives!

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