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What Makes A Good Persuasive Speech On Abortion?

Abortion is a very touchy subject. There are opinions on both sides of this issue and neither side should be given more or less attention in a proper democratic society.

Although one side may (and likely both sides against the other) feel powerful about their choice to give a woman a choice, they ironically may not feel that some choices should be allowed.

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While the other side maintains the position that abortion is wrong and want to be heard, they too may not want to fully hear and consider the other sides evidence which may be just as strong as their own just on the opposite side of the debate.

A good persuasive speech on abortion is one that is not going to take sides. You want to give a biased speech that details the evidence of both sides and lets the people choose what is right and wrong for them.

The law states (in certain states, not all) that abortion is legal, while some states forbid it and don't even give people a pro-choice stance on the issue.

Many think the government should stay out of it and the churches shouldn't hop in there either. This decision impacts the lives of the mothers to be in ways you may not even be able to imagine, and it's argued that unless your walking in that person's shoes you shouldn't have any right to tell them what to do with their body.

Many of the issues are generalized and both sides put in a good fight that would confuse any by stander considering either one sitting on the fence of indecision.

A powerful persuasive speech on abortion is not one that is biased or that takes either side, but one that gives the woman all the information possible on either side and allows her to make the choice for herself.

You don't have to take sides to put the issues under a microscope, and in fact the best way to persuade anyone is to give them the facts, all of them you can, then let them make a decision purely based on analytics and how they feel about everything.

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