Motivational Speech

Organ Donation Persuasive Speeches Can Change Minds And Open Hearts

Do you have a donor sticker on your driver's license so when you die, if you die, your organs will go to saving the lives of people you may never have, or your family may never have met? There is something rewarding about being a donor.

Thinking about how a child, someones mother, someones father, or anyone out there whose been pushed into dire circumstances where life and death is in the balance and after I die, my organs can be given to this person to keep them alive.

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In a way you become immortal as your body's cells are in that heart, that lung, or whatever part they need to live.

Although most people are compassionate about saving lives, when it comes to organ donation, a lot of people get scared. Some fear that if you have a donor sticker on your ID, that if you were to get into an accident and could be saved, that doctors would not work as hard on saving you because they want to harvest your organs - and this gives them permission to do so if you die.

The reality here is that that is pretty ridiculous. Doctors save lives, they don't take them, and this old urban legend was likely just someone's opinion and a way to scare people or play with their head.

What most people need is to hear about the success stories others have had. Can you imagine if a member of your family was dying and someone who got into a car accident and wasn't going to survive, that had the very organ your wife needed to live wasn't a donor and so she may die too? Think of the lives you could save.

A good organ donation persuasive speech can make all the difference in the world. I think if people were to set up a speech and have several people who've survived Solly because of an organ donation that more people would realize just what a gift this is. If there is life beyond death- just imagine the good karma you'll get for saving someone's life!

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