Motivational Speech

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics Aren't Always Easy To Rehearse!

When it comes to giving a speech, there are a lot of things to think about, contemplate, and do just to prepare for it. Much of a speech is planned out but there are many dynamic elements to any speech such as how people are going to react to your words.

You don't want to offend anyone but you do want to be able to say what you need to say - what you're passionate about - in an effective and persuasive way.

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There are many easy persuasive speech topics to choose from when giving a speech, but what you give a speech on is going to be based on what message you want to get across. Instead of going up there with a memorized speech you wrote, take some time to prepare yourself.

The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel. The crowd is paying attention to your attitude, body language, and not just the words you're saying but HOW you're saying them.

If you go up there and basically blurt out your speech without enunciation, without confidence behind your words showing you're not just talking but believe fully in what your saying, and if you can't answer a few questions about your speech in the end, then you won't convince them that you believe what you're saying as much as you want them to!

Prepare your speech by writing down all the main points you need to get across. Add some jokes in there to lighten up the mood of the audience, especially if it's a dry topic you're giving a speech on (even if this dry topic is interesting to your peers).

Dress up, don't just go on stage with a t-shirt and jeans on - make them feel your professionalism to the core by dressing the part, rehearsing so you don't feel so nervous on stage, and get plenty of water so you don't get up there and find yourself dizzy from dehydration and nerves shaking your voice as you talk.

Speak loudly and clearly. Smile a lot, people enjoy someone who smiles and find themselves wanting to smile. If you get the crowd to laugh you will make yourself feel less anxious about your speech!

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